Monday, April 7, 2014

Two/three things about the master bedroom I forgot to mention.

The master bathroom has carpet on the floor.  Nice on the toes, but it just bothers my mother's daughter the housekeeper.  How do you scrub carpet?  How can you be clean without scrubbing the bathroom floor?  So, obviously, I'm going to learn how to lay some tile.

I found this idea on Pinterest, and it's absolutely fascinating.  Torn brown paper and expoxy.  Super cheap and surprisingly rich looking. But I'm not sure it's tough enough for a bathroom floor.  So let's wait and see what tiles I can find on craigslist.

The other project in the bedroom is the master closet.  For the first time ever, I've got a walk-in closet.  

Oh, look... another blank slate!

So here's the inspiration look I'm going for.  But in our closet there are two rods (one high, one low) on the left side, so I won't have cabinets on that side.

And I think these units from Ikea will do the trick.


And there's one more thing about the closet that I'm considering.  Well, ONE more today.  These darned ideas seem to pop up like mushrooms.  Anyway... just inside the bedroom, on the right side as you enter, there's a built in linen cupboard.  But the darned thing is no more than a foot deep, which means than comforters have to be squashed in.  I'm thinking of shortening the hanging rods on the left side of the closet by two or three feet and putting in a deeper linen closet there.  People are getting rid of their entertainment centre armoires now that they're getting flat screen tvs, and I think I could convert an armoire to a linen closet fairly easily.  

But that's for later.  First, paint!  Blue paint!  No more builder's white.  Yay!


  1. for the floor .... G L I T T E R ! ! ! ! !

  2. I forgot about her blog. That would be cool!