Sunday, April 6, 2014

And the adventure begins

After 20 years of living in rented housing, we've bought our little condo in the desert - Sun City, AZ.  We bought it furnished, without actually seeing it because, at the moment, we're living overseas.  We have some friends who just moved to the area - he's an architect and she and I have similar tastes.  They looked at it for us and they liked it, so we bought it.  Really... we bought a house only having seen photos, but we really feel that God has blessed us with this place; we love it.  

For the past decade or so, it's been owned by a widower who only lived there a couple of months each year, and when he passed away, his family just painted all the walls white (except for a morning glory stencil in the kitchen) and left it at that.  In other words, I have a blank canvas.  Not much money, but a blank canvas and a bunch of thrift stores not too far away.

Here's the floor plan:
The first challenge was to find a place for his grace's desk.  Right now it's in the master bedroom, which means that when I'm indulging in my morning beauty sleep after spending half the night looking at decor ideas on Pinterest, he can't use his computer.  Since the condo's in Arizona and most of our family and many of our friends live in Canada, we expect/hope that the guest room will get a lot of use, so that's out as alternate office space.  Eventually we might close in part of the lanai, but for now, the first project is going to be to tear out the hall closets and make that into office space.  (One wall in the garage is built in cupboards, so I'm not really worried about losing the storage space.)

Then the decorating fun begins.  After all these years of living in rentals where every room is the same  colour, I'm really excited about being able to paint the walls.

The first room I'm going to tackle is the master bedroom.  Here's what it looks like now:

See... I told you I have a blank slate to work with.  I found a colour palette - on Pinterest, naturally - that I like.
The plan is for pale blue walls, drapes, dresser and maybe the headboard in that greige colour and the bedside tables - which are actually end tables I've moved from the living room -  are going to be painted silver - as near to mirror as Rustoleum will let me go.  I haven't found a headboard on craigslist or at my favourite thrift store strip mall yet, but the style will be the deciding factor in which colour it get's painted.  If it's quite solid, it will be greige; if it's quite airy, then I'm thinking of going crazy and using the fuschia.  

Then it's on to the living room and dining room... I have an idea of what I want to do with the furniture, but I still haven't decided on the wall colour... I just know it's not going to be the same colour as the bedroom.  

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