Saturday, April 12, 2014

Down the hall and turn left

And now on to the living/dining room, which is not - as you will notice from the floor plan - rectangular.  It may be a blank slate, but it's an unusually shaped blank slate.  Which is one of the things that appealed to His Grace, the Duke.  Having looked in the mirror on occasion, I should have realized he likes odd shapes.  Anyway... here's what we're starting with.

Yup... another blank slate.

So far, the tables at either end of the couch, with the lamps, have been moved to the master bedroom; they may or may not stay there.  And the striped orange blanket has been removed from the couch and taken to a thrift store.  Taken?  No... banished!
 And there's a tv in the corner.  To recap... white walls, beige carpet and... a powder blue wing chair, a blue-green recliner and a purpley-blue couch.  With lacey orange drapes... orange!  Can you say "coordination?"  

To begin with colour... when I look at the room I see a rather large sea of beige carpet, and y'all have to remember I've been living in the Middle East where oriental carpets - which I love - are in every home.  So I want to get an area rug to put over the sea of beige and define the room space.  I'm waffling between acknowledging where we've spent the past 10 year and going with an oriental opattern or celebrating our foothold in Arizona with a Navajo-type pattern.  (As an aside... I really want to go to the Crownpoint Rug Auction )  I suppose it will come down to what I can get early on in the process.  

'Cause the rug is where I'm going to get the colour scheme for the room.  I found this amazing website - probably on Pinterest - that lets you click on a photo and then tells you what paint colours are in it.  Yay, Sherwin Williams... what a great toy!   

For example, I clicked on a photo of this rug, and Sherwin Williams gave me the list of colours for the room.

If I had this rug, I'd probably paint the walls New Colonial Yellow and reupholster at least the couch and recliner in Canvas Tan.  

Which is, as of now, the upholstery plan regardless of the rug pattern, because canvas tan is pretty well the colour of drop cloths you can get at hardware stores relatively cheaply.  This is another Pinterest idea, and I wish I could find the site that gave me the idea because it's flaming brilliant.  Actually, if colour plans change before I get to this stage, I'll still use the canvas drop cloths because I can dye them using that cool Rit Dye site I posted yesterday.

So once I have the walls painted and the reupholstering done - easy peasy - I'll move on to replacing the ghastly moment of 70s indigestion that is the orange drapes.  But that's for tomorrow.

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