Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Well, THAT didn't work!

Neither palette generator worked worth spit.  Actually, the one I linked in the previous post just plain didn't work while the one I shared last year - letschipit -gave me five different grays.  Perhaps I need to take the shower curtain down and photograph it outside on a sunny day.

But until then, I'm wondering about this combination:
Constance Ramos' Seaside
Seems peacefully neutral, but I'm wondering if it will be too dull and dreary on a rainy British Columbia day.  The yellow is a reasonable facsimile of the couch, but I'm really not sure... dull, dull, dull?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Maybe Coastal?

When we first looked at our new place, I thought it had been recently painted, but no... it really needs a new paint job.  There are lots of nail holes, chips and rough spots. Now, I'd really like to go all out and do the living room in "Chinese"... paint the battered dresser RED with gold trip and the two book cases almost black with a silver back.  But I don't think His Grace could deal with that, and I know our budget can't handle the new furniture that would be required to pull that look off.  "Early American" maple just won't work with Chinese.

So I'm thinking maybe Coastal would be the route to go.  That way, I can keep all the furniture as long as I paint it.

And I'm thinking that the shower curtain I got in AZ might have the colours I want to start with.

So let's see what the Color Palette Generator comes up with.