Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finally...the drapes

So, yes, the orange with lacey holes in them drapes have to go.  And here's the plan:
I'm going to make the drapes out of drop cloths, but to keep them from adding to the sea of beige that is the carpet, I'm going to add a band of colour about 18" from the bottom hem.

I found a great blog (through Pinterest, but you probably already knew that) called The Graphics Fairy, and they have a post on how to print onto fabric. Apparently I can stick a piece of fabric to paper and then run it through my ink jet.  Is that cool, or what????  

So I've scoured Google images for jpegs of oriental rugs and Navajo rugs, since I haven't yet determined which type the area rug will be.  I'm going to print a bunch of different ones (with lots of red in them because, well, it's red) onto the drop cloth drape fabric - or cotton, if the drop cloth fabric is too thick for the printer, stitch them together and then attach them as a band near the bottom of the drape.  

I'm really excited about this, mostly because I didn't just scoop the idea wholesale from the internet.  I actually took something and came up with my own idea.  I am a DECORATOR!  Well, not really, but allow me my fantasy for a few minutes.

Next, the dining room.  Or, as way too many people on Craigslist call it, the dinning room.

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