Friday, August 1, 2014

Random Blitherings by way of an Excuse

It's not that I've forgotten about this blog or that I'm no longer interested in decorating, it's just that His Grace and I went on a road trip back to Canada.  We left on May 21st and got back July 3rd - 6 weeks and 6,000 miles.  And 6 pounds, but that's an entirely different whine.

Anyway, we got back too tuckered to tweet, or blog as the case may be.  But not too tired to shop.  I mean... get real... it's me I'm talking about.

So, remember the purple couch and the teal recliner?  They have been replaced.

The love seat was a whopping $35 at the Lutheran Thrift Store and the recliner was marked $89, but it was 1/2 price day on some furniture items, so I got it for $44.50.  

One of the best things about this thrift store is that they deliver for $25 per load.  It doesn't matter how many items you have, it's $25 per load.  (And they hauled the teal monstrosity away for nothing!!!)  So I scouted around to see if there was anything else I wanted, and found this headboard.

I'm still thinking it may end up hot pink or fuchsia, although I'm a little concerned that His Grace might go into palpitations if I do that.  

So other than perhaps finding a book shelf or 12, I think we have all the furniture we can handle because...while we were in Canada we arranged for all our stuff that has been stored for the past 12 years to be shipped to AZ.  WE HAVE STUFF!!!!!

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