Saturday, August 2, 2014

Finally, Her Grace Does Something

(other than shop, of course.)

So today I determined to begin the actual decorating work.  At first I was going to sweep out the garage so that I could paint the bedside tables, but I thought no... it would be better to actually start on the house painting part first.  You know, bake the cake and then put on the icing.

So I decided to tackle the spackle.  His Grace convinced me to start small, so I began on the ceiling of the kitchen over the table.

This is me beginning the work

and this is me at the end of the day

Which doesn't show all the glop on my t-shirt or the stuff I'd already washed off my face.  This is a messy job!  Nor does it show the 1/2" popped blister on my hand.  Sniff.  But the spackle is half gone in the tiny (about 6x4) dining area of the kitchen.  Monday - assuming that I can move my arms and shoulders - I'll finish the kitchen.  And then on to the bedroom.

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