Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yeah, well... I can explain...

So by now you probably expect that I've finished de-spackling the kitchen and at least the two bedrooms, right?  Well... no.

I did get the kitchen ready to paint... eventually.  And now I know you're supposed to read the instruction BEFORE you start.  I didn't think to seal off the area until after I started sanding.  And actually, I didn't realize I'd have to sand until after I tried painting.  Sigh.  But this is where I got to.

You can just see the amazing morning glory stencil at the bottom of the picture.  Here it is in all it's (morning) glory.

C'est magnifique, non?  There's a story about that.  When I was cleaning up the popcorn glop, which required some wall washing, I actually wondered if they had done the stencil with water colours, because there was this brown/green stuff running down the wall.  Then I realized that the brown/green stuff was dirt... nay... filth.  When they painted the house prior to putting it up for sale, they didn't paint over the art feature, but neither did they wash the wall.  Then I realized that the same amount of filth is actually under the last coat of paint all through the house.  Which is disgusting. But that which cannot be changed shall be ignored.  Anyway, ceiling paint next week, and wall paint eventually.

But I said I could explain why I stopped working on the kitchen, and I can.  But it's as gross as the dirty wall.  His Grace discovered that we had carpet beetles!!!!  As in BUGS!!!!!!!  So we rented a carpet shampooer from Ace and did almost the whole house.  I say "almost" because I forgot the walk-in closet and the two hall closets before we returned the shampooer.  So I got some borax and sprinkled it liberally in the closets and on the mattress in the guest room ('cause I got it 2nd hand).  It seems to have worked; we're not finding any more little black beetles.  But that was hard work, and that is why, dear reader, Her Grace hasn't finished the kitchen ceiling.

Well, that and a real life project that had to be done.  

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