Sunday, May 18, 2014

And the winner is...

Haven't lifted a paint brush yet, but I have picked the living room colour.  It's Mushroom Risotto (and no, I didn't pick it on an empty stomach!)  

Here's the colour chip from the Valspar site.  On my screen it looks very gray, but the paint chip I picked up at Ace Hardware is very cafe au lait.  I'll try scanning the paint chip later.  

I also tried cutting out the Navajo stencil pattern I found, and it works.  His Grace tells me that he's tried stenciling before and the paint always got under the stencil and gummed up the works.  Any advice from experienced decorators appreciated.

We're leaving on Wednesday for three or four weeks ministry trip to Canada, so it will be quiet on the decorating front.  But as soon (yeah, right) as we get back, the decorating will commence!  One thing we'll be doing on this trip is arranging for the things we've had stored with family and friends in Canada to be shipped to their new home.  Yay!  Us and our stuff in the same place.  What a concept.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, the purple couch is gone.  His Grace hated it so much - like, as much as I hated the brass and glass - that we craigslisted it out of here.  I'll look for a replacement when we get back in June.

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