Monday, May 12, 2014

All we need now is paint

and the corner china cabinet that will arrive from Langley later this summer.

But check this out... new dining room set and new "Navajo" patterned rug.  I went to my favourite thrift store mall 'cause there's a shop there that sells Avon, and I was in desperate need of some Skin So Soft - Arizona is DRY!  Anyway, just outside the door of that shop were some rugs for sale, and I found this one for $10.  You heard me right... $10!  Just needed some serious washing, but init purdy????

Did you notice that my Mothers' Day flowers still look great?  

And there's more news on the shopping/decorating front.  You know the plan was to recover the purple-y sleeper sofa in the living room with drop cloth material, right? Well, His Grace has finally indicated that the sofa is not only ugly, it's also uncomfortable.  Which means that I get to hunt for a replacement sofa and chair!  Awesomesauce... back to the Lutheran Thrift Store ('cause they deliver, and they have probably the best selection).

However, the brilliant drape plan is still on.  I went to Ace Hardware just up the street today and bought a small drop cloth to test my idea.  I had to go to Office Max to find full sheet labels, and it was a bit iffy running it through the printer, but I think it's going to work.  Here's my test sample done using instructions from this blogsite:

And while I was at Ace, I bought the stuff I need to start on painting my night stand.  The excitement is palpable!


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