Friday, May 9, 2014

And the Shopping Continues

If you remember back to the grand design for the bedroom, I want French Provincial ish night stands painted silver.  Last week I went to the Lutheran Thrift Store in my favourite Thrift Strip Mall at Peoria and Dell Webb,  and found this.

The finish is absolutely shot, but that's what I was looking for.  The price tag said $34, and I figured that was okay.  Then it turns out, everything was half price, so I got it for only $17. Whoo hoo!

When I was walking back into the store after having brought the car over to the loading zone, I happened to spy this for only $6 with the half price deal.

It's solid wood with art deco feet (maybe art deco, what do I know?)  I'm still hoping to find one that's more the style of the other one, but for now it's in the bedroom.  If I do find a better one for the master bedroom, this one will go into the guest room because the set that's going in there only has one night stand.

The perfect one I found needs some sanding and priming, but I'm going to leave that until June when we get back from a working trip to Canada.  The jet lag is proving harder to overcome than usual for both His Grace and me... probably because we were super tired when we got here.

There are two more purchases to tell you about, but they can wait until tomorrow.

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