Thursday, September 4, 2014

Progress! Or... I married a handiman.

Good news on the decorating front.  Their Graces have actually made some progress.  Himself, the duke, took pity on my poor crippled hands (de Quervain's tenosynovitis - a surprisingly real name) and painted the kitchen ceiling.  We only had enough paint for one coat, but it doesn't look half bad.

Then, after a short week and a half rest, we decided to tackle something else and rip out the vanity desk and linen cupboard in the master bedroom.  Now that I have a desk of my own, I need some place to put it other than the main hallway, and the space taken up by the ridiculously small vanity and the equally small cupboard is it.

We managed to get the vanity out with no trouble, and got the cupboard away from the wall (with only one small hole).

But then we ran into a problem.  The cupboard was built in place and there's less than a 1/4" gap between it and the ceiling.  

And the carpet is more than 1/4" high - we're stuck.  

So today I called a handiman, and he's going to get it out in one piece for us.  We'll move the cupboard to the kitchen where it will become kitchen storage.  He's also going to raise the shelf in the bottom cupboards in the garage, so that we can get the suitcases stored out there instead of taking up space in the closets.

While he was here, we got him to give us a quote on removing the popcorn glop of the ceilings in both bedrooms and the living room dining room.  More than we want to pay, but worth it.  The kitchen is noticeably lighter with the glop gone.  We may also get him to put in a ceiling fan in the master bedroom while he's here.  That would help with the cooling bills.

So the ducal estate is slowly coming together.

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