Monday, August 17, 2015

The Adventure Continues North of the Border

I've been trying to decide whether to close this blog and start a new one for the new place.  Instead of "I Think I Can" I could call it "Of course I can, I'm just not sure I want to", but really, it just all part of the same adventure.

The movers came and loaded up our stuff on July 17th.

And there it is... our life in a moving van.

We decided to leave my desk, the love seat and the blue chair from the living room because, well... there are thrift stores in Canada.  As it turns out, I got a couch off craigslist.  It's about the colour of powdered ginger and it's in our friends' living room right now.  It was originally from The Bay, and is the nicest living room set I've ever had.  Quite modern, with clean, simple lines. I should have taken a picture of it before this happened.  (You can see part of the chair and the couch cushions on the left hand side of the photo)

The movers delivered our stuff to our friends' living room on August 17th.  Which is Discovery Day in the Yukon, but not here.  There's so many boxes, pieces of furniture, rugs, etc in there ain't nuthin' gonna be Discovered there until August 31st when we move it all out to our new home in Abbotsford.

That's right, we bought an apartment style condo out in the valley.  And this one is going to be a totally different design adventure than our Sun City condo.  This one is most definitely not a blank slate.  

The living room is quite large; the current owners have a couch, a love seat and two large chairs in it, plus a rather large wall unit and it doesn't seem crowded at all.  I'm not sure if it show here, but the walls are a rather nice mossy green rather like our kitchen and bathroom in AZ.

There is a reasonably sized dining room off the living room.

The kitchen is quite new, and it has drawers rather than cupboards in the lower unit.  That's what we had in Sun City, and it's a great idea.  The drawers bring the pots to you rather than you crawling around on your hands and knees trying to find something at the back of the cupboard.

What it doesn't have is either a dishwasher or pantry, unfortunately.  We could take out one of the lower sets of drawers and install a dishwasher, but without a pantry, I'm not sure we want to give up the storage space.  And His Grace is quite magnificent when it comes to washing up.

There is a large laundry room that is being used for storage right now.  The current owners have a freezer in there as well as a lot of shelves.

But I'm wondering about moving the left hand wall up to the dryer, and using the remaining space as an office alcove off the hall.  Things were much simpler in AZ when all I had to worry about was decorating... now I'm thinking about moving walls!  Megalomania begins.

I have even bigger wall moving thoughts about the bathroom.  This is a one bath place, but it is huge.

I'm wondering if we can move things around in it so that we could build at least a 1/2 bath off the master bedroom.

Both projects are dependent of cost of course, and whether or not the rather restrictive strata council will let us.  At least, we find it rather restrictive; our realtor says that it's no where near as restrictive as some he's seen.

On with the tour.  The master bedroom.

There are two closets, which is nice, and the room itself is quite big.  And there is a ceiling fan, which we always wanted in AZ but never got around to putting in.

And finally, there's a guest room/office.

Nice enough, but there's not a lot I can say about it.

We do have a large balcony with a view (on a clear day) of the North Shore mountains.  Unfortunately, we're not allowed to barbeque on it for insurance reasons.

The paint is all new (except for the laundry room lime) and doesn't need changing.  Although I'll probably change the bedroom to blue at some point in time because Pinterest says that people sleep better in blue rooms.

Other than that, most of it's going to be about furniture changes.  We have a lot of maple living room pieces which will not go with the new couch, which I love.  We need darker wood and cleaner lines.  I think I can stain the two Mexican pine bookcases we had in the living room a dark brown with maybe a silver or wallpapered back.

The maple stand the tv is on really isn't going to work, but tonight we're going to see a dresser that's on craigslist for $13.  I can see it painted red and sitting in our quiet living room.  His Grace... not so much.

And so the adventure continues!

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