Friday, June 19, 2015

Well, now we've done it!

Listed the condo, that is.  We finished our 'spruce up' of the condo, and then it was time to list it.  Not 100% sure how I feel about that, but all we can do is trust the Lord and press on.

So, this is how we spruced.

The master bedroom:  from this

to this

to this

All the pinterest sites on staging a home for sale say to make things somewhat neutral, so I figured my lime green bedspread and hot pink picture frames were possibly not everyone's cup of tea.  They also said to put a lot of throw pillows on the bed.  I looked online for new bedspreads, etc, but they were all over $100.  I got this spread, skirt and shams at the Lutheran Thrift Shop for $15 - I love 1/2 price days- then paid $50 to have it dry cleaned.  I got 7 pillows at Goodwill for $2.99 (minus 20%) each.  One of them wasn't a very good pillow, but the cover was exactly the right colour, so I cut it up and covered parts of two others for better coordination.

The patterned brown rug also came from Goodwill - $35.  They must have scored a factory close-out, because they have had these rugs for ages and they're all new.  I actually bought this one to replace the one that's in our dining room, but ended up figuring out how to fix the one that was there.  I think it goes well with the bedroom and carries the 'Navajo' theme into the bedroom as well.  Even though the pattern looks very SW Native American, the pattern is actually called Ramallah, and it's very much like a carpet we had in Lebanon.

I carried the vinyl plank flooring into the master bath, and it doesn't look half bad.  Certainly better than the carpet that was in there when we moved in.

His Grace painted the hall bathroom, and I found a shower curtain at Goodwill that went with the new green walls.

The guest room is pretty much as it always was, except for the flooring.

I was able to get a blue bed skirt at Good will and a green/brown stripe rug at another thrift shop just to finish off the look.

In the kitchen, his Grace added knobs and drawer pulls, and we replaced the fridge, stove and dishwasher.  We had to hire someone to do the installation, but it got done.  The great thing about the stove - aside from it not being harvest gold - is that it had a drawer below the oven, so the existing storage drawers are not so crammed.  - Another pinterest staging hint - declutter.

I didn't get the counter tops painted because (1) I ran out of steam, and (2) our newtous dishwasher isn't working; they had to order a part; they ordered the wrong part, and during all this, His Grace is doing dishes by hand.  Which means I can't really take over the counters for the necessary 2 days.

On to the living/dining room, and just to refresh your memory, we went from this

to this

and in the dining room, from this

to this.

The carpet under the table is the one I managed to save.  The backing had dried and crumbled and it left a huge mess on the floor - bad enough with wall to wall under it, but a really bad idea with the new vinyl.  But I found a product at Walmart Environmental Fiber-Lok which I painted on.  It took 3 jars of the stuff, which came to over $50, but since I only paid $10 for the rug, and it's one we really like and want to take with us, it seemed worth it.  It seems to be helping.

And finally, here's a picture of the hallway:

The rug is one of two that I got (thrift store, of course) for $3 each.  This one is dark green with the patterns being in colours that go with the living room rug.  The other one - in the hallway that runs to the master bedroom - is a dark maroon and black with white and beige motifs.  Again, SW Native American inspired.

And the final project in this 'spruce up' was for His Grace to rip out the green fake grass carpet at the front.  He was able to get the concrete clean enough that we didn't have to paint it.  I put two planters and the birdbath with a plant in it out the front along with a mat that says welcome.

So now we wait.

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