Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The rabbit trail I've been down lately

I haven't been doing much on the condo front lately; I got side tracked into Christmas gift mode.  I love Christmas gift mode.

First I made a little cake plate for my daughter, the Lady Bidango, using a small crystal vase and a small bone china plate.  Modesty prevailed, and I decided not to take a picture of it.  Who am I kidding... I just forgot.

Then I got working on a bird feeder for my tea drinking friend who lives in the country and has a bazillion birds drop by for a sip and nibble every day.  I glued some cups to their saucers for the feed, and then I tried to figure out how to hang them.  And may I just say I'm waaaay too old to try to drill through a plate to use as a base.  That was Plan A, but after two days with the drill and still no hole, I was pretty sure I was going to need a new plan.

Plan B involved finding a wrought iron candle holder at Goodwill, having His Grace cut off the actual candle holding part, having my tea drinking friend's hubby grind off the resulting sharp edge and spray painting the whole thing gold.  Then I got 'gold' bathtub plug chain and hooked everything together.  Fortunately for me, the clerk in the hardware store mis-read the price.  Anyway... here it is.  The actual making it work is my tdf's problem.

Then I decided to make something for her hubby, who loves his Coke.  Same idea as with the bird feeder, but in this case I found a small candle stand to connect the Coke bottle and the 'chimes.'  And, because the Coke bottle is full and therefore constitutes an emergency supply, the chimes are actually a bunch of church keys that I found at some of my favourite thrift stores.

Now I'm working on decorations for a women's conference I'm going to in early January in Flagstaff.  Have glue gun, will travel!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from craft land.

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