Friday, October 10, 2014

And the progress continues... slowly

As I pointed out last time, everything takes longer than you thought it would.

But we have made some progress.  The first nightstand is done and back home where it belongs.

 Far from perfect, but not too shabby.  It has three coast of paint sprayed on, and then I used Johnson's paste wax to give the colour some depth.   

I also got the picture frames for the Mexican bark paintings done.  Pink.  His Grace really isn't sure that hot pink goes with the blue walls and the lime green bedspread, but according to BHG  it does.  Our bedroom is an adaptation of #3.  Anyway, here's a photo of the frames I've got so far.

I say "so far" because when I was showing my friend Marietta around my favourite thrift store mall, I found another Mexican bark painting and a frame, and I think things look better grouped in odd numbers.  

Another project jumped the queue on our to do list.  His Grace decided he was going to paint the courtyard fence.  The original colour was an institutional beige that matches the house (inside and out!) and every other house in on our street and the next one down.  The manor house is a row house, so we can't paint what can be seen, but we can paint the parts that face in.  We chose a mossy green to go with the brick courtyard tiles.  Our friends had their whole house done in this combination, and it is such a restful look.

 At the point the photo was taken (yesterday) only the one part of the wall had been painted.  As of this afternoon, it is almost finished.  His Grace rocks!  Once the corn crop is in, we can look at landscaping.

The other big news on the decorating front is that I found some of the most amazing fabric at Goodwill for $2.99.  I want to re-cover the two office-type chairs in the master bedroom in this wild pattern - if there's enough fabric.

It's a fairly large piece, but it has two chunks cut out of it - I guess someone was after a particular part of the pattern.  Anyway... it's freaking amazing.  The reason that little pink frame is there is that I'm trying to decide whether His Grace might be right and pink is not the accent pop we want to go with these fantastic birds.  I tried painting the new frame red, and while anyone can tell you that red is by far my favourite colour... I'm not getting rid of the pink just yet.  I just like it.

I also got a small piece of upholstery material in another pattern which I will use to cover the chair I use at my desk.  Not anywhere near as spectacular as the birds, but still... it was $.99.  And it does have red highlights.

So tomorrow it's back to the courtyard to finish the wall and continue working on getting layers and layers of paint off the little bookcase I found in our garage which I need to put on my desk.  Actually, the bookcase may have been free, but the time and money that's gone in to refinishing it probably makes it more expensive that going to Ikea.  But I will conquer.

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